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Search Engine Optimisation (Internet Marketing), when compared to existing advertising & marketing sectors' is a very exciting route to market. Internet Marketing is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to make money out of web sites, or be top of the search engines. The route to market of course is full of pitfalls and is not as simple as many web sites would have us believe.

If it were so simple everyone would be on top of the search engines (an impossibility) and therefore everyone would be successful (another impossibility), and then there would be no jobs for Internet marketing experts like ourselves! This is of course cloud cuckoo land and real life, even in the virtual Internet world is not like this at all. The companies at the top have either worked very hard utilising in house expertise or spent lots of money on external expert help

Many companies can offer automated solutions that will help your web site rise up the search engines and some of these solutions are very good especially when you consider the initial costs. But all of these solutions have two major thing in common namely, automated software does a large part of the work and you do the rest yourself.

When you calculate how much time you spend setting these services up you will soon realise that companies like ourselves that offer dedicated in house experts to run your marketing for you often offer a much cheaper service than you get by trying to do the work yourself. We believe we can offer such a service.

We believe you will save labour and money using our experts. We believe that by using the powerful software that we already offer clients thru our automated services plus many more powerful in house tools, combined with the expert knowledge and training required to use these tools and of course our expert knowledge in organic Internet marketing gained since 1995, that we can offer you one of the worlds best Internet marketing services.

Ultimately if you want to be a contender for those coveted top 20 spots on the worlds top search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Ask Jeeves, etc then you will probably eventually realise that expert help is not only cheaper it actually gets the best results. So if your already spending a significant amount of time/money on conventional advertising (or Internet marketing) then perhaps its time to divert a proportion of that to specialist internet marketing company like ourselves and see what we can achieve for you.

If you want to read more about what we can offer please visit our dedicated Search Engine Optimisation site and lets see if we can transform your dreams in to reality.

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Price Guide & This Months Offers

This months Internet Solutions are the best we have ever offered and are only available to clients shopping in our verified secure online store. Here are some prices to wet your appetite.

Private registration of domain names from 1.25 or free when you register 5 or more domain names. Bulk registrations or bulk domain name transfers are welcome and you get a FREE Blogcast with every domain name transferred to our service.

Domain Names from* 1.50, Web Design from* 2.50 p/m, eCommerce from* 5.90 p/m, Internet Marketing from* 11.90 per year, Blog & Podcast from* 1.99 p/m, Web Hosting from* 2.50 p/m.

All services are compatible with Google Adwords and most come with FREE google Adwords credits.

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* Click through to our Award Winning Verified Secure Online Web Store for details of our amazing automated Web site solutions.

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