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Organic Internet Marketing is our specialty and comes in many guises. You may hear it referred to as SEO, otherwise known as "search engine optimisation" or SEM, "search engine marketing" or IM, Internet marketing or AIM, "any Internet marketing" and these are just a few names.

We have developed our Internet marketing solutions from humble begins back in 1995 to specialise in all forms of Internet marketing from the simplest of automated Internet marketing thru to the most comprehensive of organic marketing methods.

Here is a quick itemisation of what we can offer today.

Automated Services - DIY

Using some of the worlds most powerful tools and run your own Internet marketing operation.
Automated Services - We do the work for you

Let our skilled fully trained experts run your Internet marketing for you. To purchase the following services simply email us and tell us a little about your company and we will contact you within 48 hours. For further details of the following service simply take a look at the links above on the Traffic Blazer DIY section as you will be receiving the same service except for one major difference our experienced staff will do the hard work rather than you having to do the work yourself. Both services are very good it just depends which suits your company best.
  • Traffic Blazer Internet Marketing from 49 per year
  • Traffic Blazer Deluxe Internet Marketing from 75 per year
  • Traffic Blazer Premium Internet Marketing from 95 per year

Organic Internet Marketing

Professional consultancy and we do all the work

Our experts look carefully at your requirements thru a series of interviews and then make (or advise) on the best way to take your solution forward. We believe that this is such an important part of the Internet that we have devoted an entire web site site to this subject alone. To find out more about the following services you can see a short summary of price points below or you can click here for more information and bespoke prices

The following price are not recurring they are priced as a bespoke service to launch a professional Internet marketing campaign. Once the campaign is launched and the hits start to roll in you may wish to contact us about a monthly marketing operation to suit your ongoing requirements and maintain your new search engine positioning.
  • Bespoke Internet Marketing from 180 per year
  • Professional Internet Marketing from 800 - A one off price
  • Corporate Internet Marketing Solutions are priced subject to your specific requirements.

Your Dream is our Vision

Price Guide & This Months Offers

This months Internet Solutions are the best we have ever offered and are only available to clients shopping in our verified secure online store. Here are some prices to wet your appetite.

Private registration of domain names from 1.25 or free when you register 5 or more domain names. Bulk registrations or bulk domain name transfers are welcome and you get a FREE Blogcast with every domain name transferred to our service.

Domain Names from* 1.50, Web Design from* 2.50 p/m, eCommerce from* 5.90 p/m, Internet Marketing from* 11.90 per year, Blog & Podcast from* 1.99 p/m, Web Hosting from* 2.50 p/m.

All services are compatible with Google Adwords and most come with FREE google Adwords credits.

Feel the Magic!

* Click through to our Award Winning Verified Secure Online Web Store for details of our amazing automated Web site solutions.

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