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This service is an alternative to our fully automated pre-built template based service. In brief this service sits between our "Instant Website Design Template" and our "Bespoke Website Design" solution offering part template and part bespoke. You tell us which template you like and we do the creation, building, etc.

So if you want a professionally designed Web site, but don't have the time, interest or skills necessary to do it yourself, you'll love this web site design solution. So why not start now and let us create a stunning site that's just right for your needs AND your budget.

Just pick the plan that's right for you and one of our professional designers will call you for a design consultation. To get started on the right track, review our sample questions in our online store and have your answers ready for your consultation:

Alternatively if you are looking for a totally unique, fully custom designed web site solution please click the link above for further information.

Custom Web Sites are Web sites that we build to your specifications. There are a variety of Web design plans to choose from that allow you to dictate many aspects of your site, such as layout, colour schemes, and organization. We construct your custom Web site for you. All you need to do is supply content, such as photos and text. Our Web Design Specialists are available to you throughout the Web design process, ensuring that your custom site reflects your unique needs and preferences.

There are currently three main types of plan to choose from. Each plan includes website design, hosting, and up to 30 minutes of maintenance per month.

Create It For Me

Includes a 5-page Web site built from an extensive collection of professionally designed page layouts. You choose the layout, colours, and site organization.

Custom Create It For Me

Includes a 20-page Web site built from an extensive collection of professionally designed page layouts. This plan also includes custom designed graphics and headers for each page of your Web site.

Bespoke Custom Built WebSite

Their are no limitations to this type of web site and it is built entirely to your specification.


Choose from 5- or 20-page Web sites, with varying degrees of customisation. You supply the text and photos and we do the rest!

For "Custom Web Site - Create It For Me" plans, you'll get one opportunity to review and provide feedback on your custom header design.

We'll let you know when your site is finished, and publish it 10 days later unless you provide your one round of revisions. If you request revisions, we'll make them and publish your site to the Internet once your site has passed our rigorous quality review. If you prefer to publish your site yourself, send us a message via the Custom Design Manager any time prior to publication, instructing us not to publish your site when it is finished.

You'll stay in touch with us every step of the way with the Custom Design Manager, which you will use to monitor milestone progress, view your design concepts, and send us files, feedback and messages.

After your Web site is published, you can ask us to do additional revisions as part of your monthly site updates..

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Price Guide & This Months Offers

This months Internet Solutions are the best we have ever offered and are only available to clients shopping in our verified secure online store. Here are some prices to wet your appetite.

Private registration of domain names from 1.25 or free when you register 5 or more domain names. Bulk registrations or bulk domain name transfers are welcome and you get a FREE Blogcast with every domain name transferred to our service.

Domain Names from* 1.50, Web Design from* 2.50 p/m, eCommerce from* 5.90 p/m, Internet Marketing from* 11.90 per year, Blog & Podcast from* 1.99 p/m, Web Hosting from* 2.50 p/m.

All services are compatible with Google Adwords and most come with FREE google Adwords credits.

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