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Web site consultancy is we believe one of the most important parts of any web project. Business consultancy is generally considered a key reason for the success of many businesses. Why should web site consultancy be any different. So if for any reason your not looking for web site consultancy or a bespoke web site solution then you may have arrived at this page in error. If your looking for an automated solution then we have some of the worlds most original, leading edge pre-built, competitively priced solutions which can be accessed by clicking here and following the relevant links. Alternatively if your interested in a bespoke solution and/or consultancy please read on.

Despite the importance of consultancy, many organisations will avoid this important stage by providing a specification that is often designed by their own employees who in many instances possess limited Internet knowledge. It is often said that a little knowledge is dangerous and it's just as true of cyber space as it is of launching rockets into outer space.

Why is it that some organisations prefer not to pay for professional advice? Is it because they object to experts advising them of what is best? Is it because they do not have the time to enter into the necessary discussions? Regardless of the answer you can be sure of one thing, taking short cuts on specialist advice and consultancy can lead to the following:
  • Increase in long term website costs
  • Lost sales
  • Lost customers
  • Lost potential
  • Missed potential
  • Poor communications strategy
  • Increased maintenance costs
  • Unrealised employee productivity gains
  • Potential legal problems
  • Non acceptance by search engines
  • Search engine bans
  • Non acceptance by industry linking bodies


Once NetworkMagic web solutions consultancy is complete and the web project has been set in stone then its time to start development.

At this stage we will set out our internal development plan of how best to achieve your objectives and the milestones along the way. NetworkMagic will then begin development of your project with a dedicated specialist responsible for the engagement and liaisons with your organisation's management at set stages along a pre-agreed timeline to delivery.

We then develop you bespoke solution specifically as the project requires combining various elements of the following to produce the highest quality solution:
  • In house developer(s)
  • Four country skills base when suitable
  • In house software
  • Specialist software
  • Multi lingual translators
  • Web site training of your employees
  • Development in liaison with your staff
  • Specialist skill sets
  • Specialist hosting services
  • Security assessment specialists

With our positive emphasis on consultancy and conception we leave little to chance but even so during the process of creation we understand the critical importance of maintaining regular contact with the client and their assigned representatives to update on progress and more importantly to ensure the solution satisfies the client's requirements as it develops.

Although a large amount of creativity, ideas and graphic design will be realised and discussed during the consultancy period, these will not begin to breathe life until the period of conception begins. During the creative phase NetworkMagic will go out of it's way to keep the creative juices flowing.

In other words as a project develops further ideas may come to the fore and if during consultancy a fixed brief has been established, it can be very easy to sweep other good ideas under the carpet. However here at NetworkMagic we encourage our consultants and specialists to maintain a creative perspective throughout the entire development process. This helps ensure a web site solution that not only meets client expectations perfectly but delivers that extra MAGIC that makes their web site sparkle and gives them the edge on their competitors or similar organisations.

NetworkMagic believes in keeping web solutions simple even when developing large, complicated and intricate sites. This is often an area where many web solutions companies go astray. It's very easy to keep on writing content but if it doesn't increase your bottom line or the impact then what purpose does it serve? Here at NetworkMagic we believe that every page of the web site requires to be accountable. It needs to have a purpose and with this ideology in mind at every stage of the web site development process our specialists will review the overall look, feel and capabilities of the site to make sure it fulfils your requirements.

NetworkMagic likes to work through the following system during the creative stage:
  • Listen to the client's vision very carefully
  • Understand the client's ultimate aim
  • Stay in tune with the client's brief
  • Innovate the initial stages slowly and carefully
  • Keep the creative juices flowing throughout the project
  • If inspiration strikes and new ideas emerge discuss these with client's
  • Keep client's informed throughout the development process

We look forward to transforming your vision into reality.

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