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What Can We Deliver?

Integrated Internet Solutions are our specialty, be it a simple Web Site or a full on eCommerce solution. However we don't just provide bespoke web sites we can also provide access to our powerful back office software which will allow you to develop your own web solution at a fraction of the price of a typical bespoke web site solution. In fact so powerful is our software that you can simply click onto our web site sign up and produce your own solution without ever needing to talk to us. Template WebSite design prices start from 2.25 per month

We produce all of our Internet solutions in modular segments and therefore we can consult on either individual components of your Internet strategy or a combination of as many modules as is relevant to your requirements.

Are We the Right Consultancy for You?

NetworkMagic gets approached on a daily basis by organisations and individuals that seek web solutions and experience tells us that a reasonable percentage of these will find that developing a professional Internet Strategy can not only reduce overheads by a sizeable percentage, but also increase turnover and net profitability.

Is Your Organisation Serious?

A percentage of organisations that approach Network Magic, do not have, or are not prepared to assign a realistic budget from which to develop a professional bespoke Internet Strategy. So at this stage we would like you to seriously deliberate your requirements.

Is your organisation looking for a bespoke web design solution or are you looking for a budget web site. If the latter is your preference then please look closely at our online store as here we offer cheap website solutions or should we say we offer very competitively priced website design solutions. Either way the web sites in our online store are very cheap!

Alternatively if you are looking for a tailored web site which has a real symbiosis with the rest of your business, your corporate objectives and your long-term Internet potential then you should contact us with your requirements?

A Message From Our Webmaster

NetworkMagic - Evolving with the Internet

"As a keen climber one thing you learn repeatedly is that your always capable of a lot more than you ever believed possible. I have come to appreciate the same is true of the Internet and when dealing with clients solutions this has become an integral part of our philosophy..."

"...When i climb to the top of a route, there is a chance to appreciate some amazing views and to see a bigger picture. One thing I have learned in many years of business is that the fool sees not the same view as the wise man! In short when dealing with the Internet it is necessary to take a step back when interpreting a clients requirements and to ensure that both the client and our designers can all see and agree on the bigger picture..."

"...Here at NetworkMagic we have evolved with the Internet and during this evolution we have learned to understand and respect the Internet as a very powerful media. As with rock climbing the limits are always being pushed and we like to push harder than most..."

"...It has become our philosophy to push the limits for each and every client and no matter how large or small, all are treated as VIPs at NetworkMagic..."

"...It is hardwired into the NetworkMagic core that for all clients we will aim to develop client strategies, which not only harness the power of the Internet for our clients, but also to continually evolve solutions, which exceed our clients' expectations."

Andrew Richards
Internet Solutions Since 1995
Principal Consultant
Internet Technologies

Your Dream is our Vision

Price Guide & This Months Offers

This months Internet Solutions are the best we have ever offered and are only available to clients shopping in our verified secure online store. Here are some prices to wet your appetite.

Private registration of domain names from 1.25 or free when you register 5 or more domain names. Bulk registrations or bulk domain name transfers are welcome and you get a FREE Blogcast with every domain name transferred to our service.

Domain Names from* 1.50, Web Design from* 2.50 p/m, eCommerce from* 5.90 p/m, Internet Marketing from* 11.90 per year, Blog & Podcast from* 1.99 p/m, Web Hosting from* 2.50 p/m.

All services are compatible with Google Adwords and most come with FREE google Adwords credits.

Feel the Magic!

* Click through to our Award Winning Verified Secure Online Web Store for details of our amazing automated Web site solutions.

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