Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting
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Virtual Dedicated Linux or Windows Hosting

Virtual dedicated hosting uses servers that offer many of the capabilities and features of dedicated servers, including admin (root) access and dedicated IP addresses, but at a lower price. With virtual dedicated hosting, servers are shared; however, accounts are effectively isolated allowing the user full control over the server space.

Why Virtual Dedicated Servers?
  • Admin access: Install and run virtually anything on the server.
  • Manage multiple Web sites: Host multiple Web sites on one server account.
  • Versatility: A dedicated server/virtual dedicated server can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including gaming, virtual (i.e., shared) hosting, and hosting of traffic-intensive Web sites.

Virtual Dedicated Server Plans Include
  • Our world-class data centres
  • Best-of-breed routers and servers
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • 24x7 email, telephone and Web-based tech support
  • 24x7 physical security
  • 24x7 network monitoring
  • Bandwidth Overage Protection
  • Free rapid setup
  • FREE! Google® Adwords® Credit*
  • FREE! Microsoft® adCenter Credit†
  • 24x7 FTP access
  • Linux: CentOS (4 or 5) or Red Hat Fedora 7
  • 3 Dedicated IPs
  • Convenience and cost-effective server control.
  • Up to 50 GB disk space
  • Up to 2,000 GB bandwidth
  • Up to 3 dedicated IP addresses
  • Full admin access

Assisted Service Plans - Also Available

Save the time and energy it takes to setup, monitor and maintain your virtual dedicated server by letting our expert staff do it for you! With our Assisted Service Plan, our team of server professionals will personally set up your virtual dedicated server to deliver maximum performance.

Plus, they will also handle select monitoring and maintenance issues that would otherwise drain your time and resources.

Each Assisted Service Plan Includes*:

Initial Server Setup:
  • Including installation of operating system and Plesk control panel.
  • Setup for the following services:
  • Domain Name & DNS
  • Hosting Account
  • SSL Certificate
  • Resource Allocation
Security Services:
  • NetworkMagic scans your server once a month, to provide you with any recommended remediation actions.
Emergency Services:
  • Direct access to advanced support for emergencies including:
  • Service restart or reboot
  • Server or service down
  • Tier-3 Support troubleshooting
Patching Services:
  • Patching services** for the base operating system, such as Fedora 6 or Windows 2003, which includes:
  • Official updates released by the Fedora or Fedora Legacy Project.
  • Official updates, bug fixes and security patches released by Microsoft®.
Monitoring Services:
  • Per server monitoring of basic services such as Ping and HTTP.
  • Custom Support Access:
  • Access to our flat-rate custom support services
Administrative Access is unavailable with the Assisted Service Plan ** In most cases, patching will be performed weekly, though some patches may be applied sooner if the severity and likelihood of exploit is high. If a patch is found to break a customer’s application, the customer will be able to contact the managed services support centre and request that the patch be rolled back, free of charge.

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Price Guide & This Months Offers

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Domain Names from* £1.50, Web Design from* £2.50 p/m, eCommerce from* £5.90 p/m, Internet Marketing from* £11.90 per year, Blog & Podcast from* £1.99 p/m, Web Hosting from* £2.50 p/m.

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